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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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clinton pulls ahead. a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton expanding her lead in a key state with donald trumpdo barely hanging on in a republican strong hold. also tonight, deadly mud slides flatten homes in mexico as parts of the south are up to a foot enough of rain. 4,000 miles from the summer games in rio, the fallen olympian oscar pistorius tried to kill himself in jail. and the a-rod bomb shell. the controversial yankee slugger calls it quits. we're there for the dramatic announcement. >> i love this game and i love this team.
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this is the "cbs weekend news." >> with the election nearly 3 weeks away a cbs battle ground tracker poll out today shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in the key states of virginia and nevada. trump is holding a narrow lead in arizona a state republicans typically win. virginia and nevada are among the 11 battle ground states that could go either way towards deciding the election in november. errol barnett has more from our washington bureau. >> reporter: at his first campaign fund raiser in weeks, donald trump makes fun of hillary clinton's explanation that she may have short- circuited in responding to a question about her e-mail investigation. >> but i think that the people of this country don't wantof somebody that's going to short- circuit up here. >> reporter: trump's on the attack because clinton's pulling ahead in national polls and
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swing states. 12 points ahead in virginia, 2 points ahead in nevada. both key battle ground states. trump's troubles are partly due. to his trouble to consolidate republican support. today former house speaker newt gingrich said that fact is sinking in. >> he got the messages. he came out and endorsed paul ryan which he should have done in the first place, john mccain which he should have done in the first place. >> reporter: however, arizona says he should do more. >> some positions should change and immigration policy other than saying he'll build a wall and make mexico play for on it. >> reporter: they will have duly economic speeches this week in detroit. trump speaks tomorrow and clinton will be there on thursday. of course michigan is another key battle ground state. elaine. >> errol barnett in washington. errol, thank you. for more on our new battle
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salvanti. >> behind the big lead in virginia she's passing the commander in chief test more so than donald trump is right now. the commander in chief measure has come up to the top of voter's criteria for how to make their presidential expedition a majority say they feel hillary clinton is prepared to be commander in chief while a majority feel that donald trump is not. this measure has become so important now that it's even overwhelming. other measures on which hillary clinton isn't doing as well. for example, on the honest and trustworthy measure or on looking out for people like you. when we look to other battle ground states when we look to hillary clinton has a slim lead and arizona where donald trump has a margin less than you expect. he may when these trends continue to start with republican territory. elaine back to you. >> anthony, thank you.
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16 people with the zika virus got insecticide. zika causes severe birth defects. pregnant women are advised to stay away from florida's so- called "zika zone." this weekend florida senator marco rubio said he does not believe a pregnant woman infected with zika should have the right to an abortion. even if she has reason to with severe microcephaly. the remnants of hurricane earl had deadly mud slides in mexico. earl made land fall as a tropical storm dumping heavy rain that flooded rivers and creeks. at least 18 people were killed in two states. here's mireya villarreal. through the states of veracruz
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soldiers helped dig through the damage after landslides buried homes killing at least 18 people including one small child. over the past few days, earl dumped up to 18 inches of rain in some areas and registered damaging wind speeds up to 80 miles an hour. families trying to escape the flood waters were caught off guard and unable to escape fast enough. it moved through central america, nearly submerging the town of san ignacio in belize. and destroying a major bridge. >> parts of central and western mexico are expecting more rain as another storm is developing off the west code. elaine right now that is raising red flags once again for potential mud slides andin flooding. >> mireya villarreal, thank you. millions along mexico are bracing for weeks of severe weather. meteorologist pamela gardner in boston is tracking this.
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this pressure sits over the gulf of mexico. and because of it we do expect some flooding rain potential. tuesday night a flood watch is in effect from tampa to gainesville and that concern all the way through tuesday. in fact monday noon you can see more of that moisture picking up here with heavy potential for showers and even some thunderstorms into tuesday afternoon. looks like the projected rainfall total in addition to what they've already experienced from tampa to panama cityan rainfall. elaine. >> pamela gardner, thank you. a michigan man was arrested sunday accused of passing out candies laced with the marijuana chemical thc in ohio. on saturday two dozen people became sick from eating the candy. they're all okay now. iran executed a nuclear scientist who allegedly spilled secrets about iran's nuclear
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an iranian official said he was hanged. the mother says his body was returned to the home town with rope marks around his neck. isis is claiming responsibility for an attack in belgium this weekend. a man waving a machete and shouting. wounded two female p[olice officers. isis called him a soldier in their movement. for the first weekend of the summer olympics wraps up sunday night with a major swimming showdown. ben tracy is covering the games are covered for us in rio. >> it was a midnight session ofr beach volleyball in rio but that doesn't phase americans who dominated the australian team. the u.s. women's soccer team beat france for their second win and had the opportunity to arrive in rio again.
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touched the ball. she posted this picture on social media expressing her concerns about the virus. but spectators are more worried about scoring. >> i'm asking anyone if theyre have tickets. >> just to get inside. >> yes, tickets, anything. >> it's a good thing you speak multiple languages. here the main olympic park, long lines missing some of the events. w they are trying to add more curious screeners. one problem they can't fix are the strong winds that blew through rio and all the rowing events were canceled. tonight all lives are on the pool when team usa swim stars compete. >> how excited are you to see phelps swim. >> very excited. because he announced he wasn't coming back after the london game so this is just a bonus for us.r
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smoothly but rio's mayor is pleading with the people to either carpool or not drive long distances tomorrow when they go back to work. elaine the fear is olympics will make rio's already notorious traffic that much -- notorious traffic that much worse. >> ben, thank you. yankee slugger alex rodriguez made a bombshell announcement sunday. he's calling it quits and will play his final game next friday. he'll still have a role with the team. we have more with the late is from yankee stadium. >> i love this game and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> that emotional good-bye sunday morning for one of the most celebrated and at times hated baseball players of the last two decades, alex t rodriguez. >> i never thought i can play
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make the team." >> the 41 year old through time american league mvp and 14 time all start sat out all of 2014 suspended for performance enhancing drug use. he showed signs of aging before the yankees final decided to bench him in recent weeks. a-rod thought he would have kept playing. >> this was in the cards. that was the yankee's decision. i'm at peace with it. >> center field, well hit. >> a-rod's ten year contract worth $273 million is said to end in 2017. the yankees must still honor the financial agreement. the slugger leaves the game just four homers away from the elite
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>> i especially want to thank the fans for letting me play the game that i love. thank you. >> a-rod is not parting ways with the yankees just yet. elaine, he will serve as special adviser and instructor, mentoring team's young players through december 2017. demarco, thank you. former olympics hero oscar pistorius injured his wrists in his jail cell saturday. the south african media raised questions whether it was a suicide attempt. jonathan vigliotti let's has more on this from london. >> oscar pistorius denies he attempted suicide. he told officials he suffered the injury saturday after slipping and falling out of bed. south african newspaper claim prison guards found two razor blades in his cell. prison authorities will not claim those reports. the star was treated in the hospital and returned to his cell in the evening. there's been return over his
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pistorius has his own cell and limited interaction with other inmates. back in july when he was sentenced to six years for the shooting death of his girlfriend, the psychologist testified he was a broken man. pistorius maintains his girl friend's death was an accident. pistorius became the first double amputee to compete against abled-bodied runners. before killing his girlfriend pistorius was planning to retire after competing in the rio game. >> jonathan vigliotti right, thank you. if you were watching golf today on cbs, you witnessed history. >> one final look for 58. and he knew it. >> jim furyk was already one of six golfers to shoot a 59. a group of fly fishermen are sharing a video of their encounter with a high flying
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>> hold on, hold on. >> captain mark martin of santa ana oh said it was a mayko shark well over 500 pounds. he was on the line 20 minutes putting on a show. eventually the shark won when it broke line and swam off. >> coming up next pope francis shakes up the catholic church opening the door to the possibility of female deacons. possibility of female deacons. h, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic
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>> today pope francis addressed the war in syria saying it's unacceptable that so many helpless people, including many children must pay the price for the lack of desire for peace by the powerful. pope francis shocked and excited many in the church last week
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considering the idea of women in the clergy. marlie hall has the story. >> pope francis says his decision came after intense prayer and mature reflection, to appoint a panel to study the idea of women deacons in the roman catholic church. religion professor is the only american on the commission and says she's been waiting for this moment for years. >> the church would be making a great statement in the dignity and place om >> known for his progressive stances, pope francis' decision to look into the possibility of women deacons differ from the view of his predecessors. he first entertained the idea last may after meeting with a group of women from various religious orders. >> the idea of the commission originally came from the nuns, not the vatican itself. he says not to expect change any time soon. >> deacons are ordained
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funerals but not give mass. historians say the idea of women in this role is not new to the catholic faith. >> there are popes in the middle ages who wrote to bishops giving them authority to ordain them as deacons. >> there's great precedence. >> there is great precedence. >> the idea can transform not only how women are seen in the church but in society as well. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> still ahead, the decades long search for a veteran missing in america leads to a surprising discovery. america leads to a surprising discovery. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief.
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>> the government estimates more than 47,000 veterans are homeless. about 16,000 live on the streets. herman leon was one of them for mark strassmann tells us about his remarkable homecoming. year-old army vet disappeared. marta sally his younger sister. >> he went to work. >> when did you get worried? >> i started to worry after a year, then two years. then when it got to five years,y i'm like something is >> leon bounced around atlanta'u shadows and a series of part time jobs grooming houses and
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with his family. >> he was like a gentle giant. >> patrice green, a social worker with the veteran's administration met leon at a homeless shelter last april. like so many veterans, leon had untreated mental health issues. >> so i asked well where is your family and he said i don't know. >> green searched on-line, including a facebook message to four possible family members. >> and the very next day i get a call from the sister, and she's like is this a joke. >> i was thinking it's probably not a hoax. >> when were you convinced. >> i knew it was real. >> this army family's reunion was 32 years in the making. >> i hugged him and i told him that you know, i never gave up on him.
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>> it's a miracle to her but it's a miracle to me too to go through this. >> leon's sister says all the questions he can't answer don't matter. he's home. mark strassmann, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. >> miraculous homecoming indeed. up next, with the world divided, strangers unite in psalm. strangers quit unite in psalm. when your pain reliking, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours.
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. >> at a time when there is so much discord in the world, we end with strangers coming together harmoniously. here's jericka ? ? >> 1,500 people of all races, faiths and ages answered the call to sing. ? ? the song leonard cohen's 1984 hallelujah was led by rufus wainwright. ? ? these spontaneous performances
5:27 pm
nobu adilman, and used social media to ask anyone who wants to sing, to gather at a specific location. when david bowie died, his song space odyssey filled this art gallery. ? ? >> the group learns the song for a few hours before recording for the world to see. >> people can watch something we've created even if it's three minutes in a day full of, you know, bad news and tragic events to have that moment to say it's not all bad. ? ? >> so far they've recorded more than 200 songs. ? ? including tracy chapman's talking about a revolution.
5:28 pm
debbie innes says watching the aftermath of the police shooting of philando castile inspired her to sing. >> for me it was the perfect song to vocalize what has been happening for me inside. ? ? >> they're crying out through song. ? ? >> and combating pain by bringing sense avenue peace. jericka duncan, cbs, new york. >> that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, 60 minutes. this continues now on our 24 hour digital network cbsn at i'm elaine quijano in new york, for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group
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and thank you for joining us this evening, we begin with breaking news, one man is going to the hospital after a shooting in buckeye. maricopa county sheriff's deputies are on scene right now investigating. we have a crew on the way near jackrabbit and lower buckeye road. the victim was shot several times and no word on his condition tonight and ofe we get them. a terrible scene unfolding in the west valley. a sheriff's detectives investigate the murder of a toddler. >> cbs 5's amanda goodman reports on what we know right now. >> reporter: a spokesperson here at the sheriff's office telling us a 3-year-old was killed in what he described as a violent death. it happened at the home near 111th avenue and peoria in youngtown. deputies say a 3-year-old was killed but they have given no other details. other than again, it was a violent death.


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